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Sommelier of Coffee: Maine coffee specialist comes to Camden next weekend

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Participate in a coffee tasting event with a respected professional who has passed intense global coffee Q Grading testing. There are only a few hundred Q Graders in the country and one is coming to Camden! Time & Tide Coffee owners Briana Campbell and Jon Phillips have traveled to various coffee farms over the years and will share details on the journey the coffee bean takes before getting brewed for your cup. Jon will also lead an in-depth tasting experience using very different flavor profile coffees freshly made at their roastery in Biddeford. Jon is unique in the Maine coffee community as he is one of the elite few who has passed a worldwide intense training which is necessary for coffee to be sold and distributed.

“We are very excited to have this power couple come to Midcoast Maine and get to learn from them,” says Jesse Simko of Maine Cup. “We’ve been falling in love with the coffee being roasted around the state and deepening our experience in tasting coffee is something we are looking forward to.”

What is a Q Grader? Q Graders are a bit like a sommelier of the coffee world. The purpose of Q Grading is to score the quality of coffee by using a universal grading system which follows a worldwide unified standard. There are only a few hundred certified Q Graders in the country and a few thousand in the world (about 7,000). Setting these expectations help both buyers and sellers benefit through a shared understanding of quality coffee. In order to be certified the individual must pass many rigorous tests, including a blindfolded cupping test where they need to accurately distinguish what region the coffee bean is from, how the bean was processed, and more!

June's event will take place on Saturday June 10 at 2:00pm. A limited number of tickets are available for purchase. Maine Cup's "Experience Coffee Beyond the Cup" events take place at Whistling Whale Coffee Bar, a waterfront cold-brew coffee bar located across Camden Harbor on the Wharf at Lyman-Morse. Local businesses are collaborating with Maine Cup for these events by creating unique offerings with Time & Tide Coffee.

Tickets and coffee subscriptions can be purchased at Tickets are all inclusive. Maine Cup is an online coffee subscription business devoted to Maine coffee roasters across the state. Each month subscribers receive a new coffee from a Maine roaster and get an insider look through videography and photography. Online forums and blogs allow the subscriber to receive tips about making coffee and learn about the coffee industry in general. Additional "Experience Coffee Beyond the Cup" events are scheduled and available on their website. Future events to take place include Maine's premier Coffee Festival.


The above blog post is a news article.

Images were updated following the event.

Maine Cup is Maine's coffee subscription company featuring only Maine coffee.

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