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Millinocket coffee roaster will travel 2 1/2 hours to Camden for the love of coffee

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages globally but many coffee drinkers do not know how coffee is roasted or the various ways to make a good cup of coffee at home. Maine's premier coffee subscription company highlighting only Maine coffee roasters is hosting an event where ticket holders will be able to observe coffee roasting in person on August 19th.

"When we began learning more about specialty coffee across the state we were able to go behind the scenes with coffee roasters and observe the roasting process. Seeing coffee change from the green bean to the bean we grind at home made my next cup of coffee taste even better!" said Amanda Simko, owner of Maine Cup. "We are excited to offer the general public the opportunity to experience learning about coffee roasting. We look forward to introducing coffee drinkers to Mainely Coffee, the roasters who are traveling from Millinocket to lead this hands-on event." Mainely Coffee is also bringing coffee making equipment to demonstrate various ways of making coffee at home and will provide complimentary coffee for tasting. "Roger and Sarah (owners of Mainely Coffee) believe a great cup of coffee can be brewed at home and it doesn't need to break the bank to do so." said Amanda.

August's event will take place on Saturday August 19 at 2:00pm. A limited number of tickets are available for purchase. Maine Cup's "Experience Coffee Beyond the Cup" events take place at Whistling Whale Coffee Bar, a waterfront cold-brew coffee bar located across Camden Harbor on the Wharf at Lyman-Morse. Lyman-Morse offers a complimentary water taxi from the Camden public landing to the wharf. Find the pick up location on the docks near the harbormaster.

Tickets and coffee subscriptions can be purchased Tickets are all inclusive. Maine Cup is an online coffee subscription business devoted to Maine coffee roasters across the state. Each month subscribers receive a new coffee from a Maine roaster and get an insider look through videography and photography. Online forums and blogs allow the subscriber to receive tips about making coffee and learn about the coffee industry in general.


Maine Cup is Maine's coffee subscription company featuring only Maine coffee.

The above blog post is a news article. Images were updated following event.

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