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Coffee lovers across the country received a taste of Monhegan Coffee in Maine coffee subscription

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Monhegan Island is known for its strong artist culture, fishing community, and now, coffee! Monhegan Coffee Roasters began roasting coffee 6 years ago and recently opened the doors to their roastery and cafe, The Mooring Chain. The roasters were featured in July's Maine Cup coffee subscription.

"Monhegan Coffee Roasters is unique to the Maine coffee community as the only way to access the island is by boat and the only vehicles allowed on the island are owned by residents. That also means getting the green coffee beans to their roastery takes extra effort! When we sat down with owners Carley and Mott for their interview we knew right off that they were hardworking and would produce a cup of coffee worth traveling for." said Amanda Simko, owner of Maine Cup.

Maine Cup, located in Rockport, is the only coffee subscription company which offers only Maine coffee. Each month subscribers are sent a new Maine coffee and get to see interviews conducted with the coffee roasters. During the interview Carley Feibusch explained one factor that went into starting the business and roasting coffee, "There was always the worry that we would run out of coffee. Because you know it has to come over on the ferry, we were ordering it online, and you never really know what the shipping is going to be. There was always the panic of are we going to run out of our good coffee?"

Mott Feibusch was excited about the cafe opening just prior to the arrival of tourists this summer "Having people come in and try our coffee the way that we prepare is going to be great. The roaster is right there, it's served right there. We can kind of have control of the whole process from start to finish. There is something unique in that" said Mott.

Though the full interview is only available to subscribers, Maine Cup makes portions of the interview viewable on their social media pages. "We’ve heard great feedback about their coffee and we’re happy to be able to introduce people to great Maine specialty coffee they may not otherwise know about. A goal of Maine Cup is to connect people with Maine businesses that they resonate with. Meeting roasters behind the scenes is a big part of that." said Jesse Simko from Maine Cup.

Monhegan Coffee Roasters is one of over 60 Maine coffee roasters, many of which are already scheduled to be highlighted by Maine Cup. Subscriptions are available for purchase on and are fulfilled at the beginning of each month. Subscribers also receive free additions to their monthly orders, discounts, and have access to blogs and forums.

"Part of the fun is keeping the upcoming featured coffee a secret. We really enjoy sealing up the shipping bags and having a surprise land in the subscriber's mailbox." said Amanda regarding the popularity of the subscription. "We are happy to see people supporting Maine coffee roasters and are more than happy to be a part of it."


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