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Coffee Events in Maine: Coffee is going beyond the cup with exciting new events in Camden.

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Join fellow coffee lovers for coffee tasting and conversation with Churchill Elangwe-Preston, owner and roaster of Mbingo Mountain Coffee. Maine Cup, Maine's premiere coffee subscription dedicated to Maine coffee roasters, has now begun holding intimate events where coffee drinkers can participate in coffee tastings, meet the roaster, hear their story, and learn about coffee in a new way. Churchill has extensive knowledge of coffee which stems back to his childhood as a coffee and cocoa farm owner from Africa. "Our mission here at Mbingo Mountain Coffee is so much bigger than just producing good coffee. It’s about connecting farmers to our local communities, connecting coffee consumers to the farmers and the farms who coax the land to grow excellent coffee." said Churchill. Ticket holders will taste multiple Mbingo Mountain Coffee roasts and get a better understanding of the coffee farming process, the amount of energy that goes into harvesting and processing coffee, and hear Churchill's plan for the future. "Churchill's story is very unique and touching that we felt Mbingo Mountain Coffee was the perfect roaster to feature for our kickoff event. Not only are we able to pick out Mbingo Mountain Coffee in a blind coffee tasting, we feel connected to his story and look forward to offering the opportunity to the public to hear it themselves." said Maine Cup owner Amanda Simko "When we (along with husband Jesse Simko) first met Churchill he left us full of inspiration and feel-good emotion." May's event will take place on Saturday May 20 at 2:00pm. Maine Cup's "Experience Coffee Beyond the Cup" events will take place monthly at Whistling Whale Coffee Bar, a new waterfront cold-brew coffee bar located across Camden Harbor on the Wharf at Lyman-Morse. Local businesses are collaborating with Maine Cup for these events by creating unique offerings using Mbingo Mountain Coffee.


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