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How It Works

We travel the state of Maine, meet the coffee roasters and business owners, chat about all things coffee, make their coffee at home and then pass all of that along to you!

Each month we work with a different Maine roaster and together we choose a bag of their coffee to send along to our subscribers. We work closely with the featured roaster of the month who roasts the beans just for our Maine Cup subscribers. You can not get more fresh, and personal, coffee than that!

During the roaster's featured month we highlight them, their backstory, their business, employees, roasting methods, their favorite way of preparing their coffee, etc. We also share what we have learned along the way. All of this information is provided on the membership side of Maine Cup. Members are urged to participate in forums because, well, coffee is always better with friends.

Onto the stuff happening behind the scenes...

As I said, we work closely with the roasters. At the beginning of each month we provide the next month's roaster with the number of bags we need and determine a date towards the end of the month for pickup. Once we pick up the bags of coffee, our family packages them up and mails them out to you! We aim for all of our subscribers to have them in hand during the first week of the month.

Leading up to all of this we spent hours working on the content by photography, vide

Woman Drinking Coffee
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