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Fill your cup with freshly roasted coffee
from across the state of Maine

It's the way a coffee subscription should be!

Maine's Premier Coffee Subscription

A Monthly Coffee Subscription Featuring Roasters from Maine

Let us help you discover your new favorite coffee! Each month we deliver a freshly roasted bag of beans to your door and introduce you to the roaster and their story. Our subscribers receive free perks, discounts, and access to members only content and forums.


With over 60 roasters now in the state, we believe Maine coffee roasting is the next big thing. Deepen your daily experience and put some Maine in your Cup.

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Discover Maine Roasters

Discovering new roasters that take different approaches to sourcing, roasting, and delivering their coffee is part of the fun for us. Let us share our experiences with you and take you on a journey to explore roasters from across the state.

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Find Your Ideal Coffee

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to coffee. Whether you like a darker, chocolatey note or a more citrus fruity flavor, we're sure to offer you a new coffee experience as we explore some of the greatness that different coffees provide, as we highlight a new roast and roaster each month.

Coffee Roasting Machine

Freshly Roasted

We guarantee that your coffee is freshly roasted and hasn't been sitting on a shelf for months. Fresh coffee retains its aromatic oils, and is able to offer the best of what the bean has to offer and what the roaster intended to create.

Roasters from Monhegan Coffee standing together in their shop

Support Small Business

As times get tough, we believe we need to come together as communities and support one another. Why buy a big label coffee when you can be supporting someone who runs a small business and puts their heart and soul into it?

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What we believe

  • Support Small Businesses

  • Buy Local

  • Explore Maine

  • Keep Improving

  • Drink Good Coffee

  • Deepen Your Daily Experiences

At Maine Cup, we’ve searched far and wide to provide the best roasts that Maine has to offer, presented in a monthly subscription that arrives right to your door. We also want to provide great options for making your coffee, such as grinders, brewing equipment, and more. Keep browsing our site to discover more and make sure to check back often to see what we’re currently offering.

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